Welcome to Occlusion Connections

Welcome to Occlusion Connections

OcclusionConnections offers an eight level comprehensive occlusion program involving TMD, esthetic restorative and orthodontic/orthopedic management concepts. It is also an open source discussion forum designed to bring dental professionals together in a highly interactive multi-disciplined internet, online community, using media portals, blogs and eCommerce to communicate with one another for the purpose of sharing expert clinical knowledge with honesty and integrity.
This learning and sharing forum provides an easy-to-access information of dentist and dental laboratory technicians who desire to share and exchange their knowledge and experience with the goal and objective of enhancing the dental professions obligation of providing quality care to their patient's. Published articles and documents are used to bring an awareness of the latest concepts and clinical applications that are useful to the betterment of the dental community and is supported by a community of professionals comprised of thousands of readers internationally.

With a growing library of developing resources, OcclusionConnections allows the customization of every aspect of an eDental site interaction including educational programing, video web learning, and rapid integration and application with mentoring support networks.

OcclusionConnections has a rich heritage of both gnathologic and neuromuscular understanding which is founded on orthopedic understanding that bones grow, develop and move. Fundamental to our teaching and educational style is an understanding of Craniomandibular/TMD, Orthodontic/Orthopedics and Restorative/Prosthodontic disciplines. These disciplines form a triad recognized by experts to be scientifically and logically sound disciplines in our approach to meeting today's dentist learning needs.

Now with more enthusiasm and passion dentist from all over the international arena are shifting gears to share their latest discoveries and in office developments while building a sense of trust and confidence among the profession in a more friendly manner. For those who always wanted to be apart of a positive confidence building organization Occlusion Connections can make the difference.
A new curriculum, ground-up brainstorming, and a highly-active development team brings excitement and enthusiasm to 'the next generation of dental professionals'. Whether you are a general dentist, phase I or phase II clinician, orthodontist, and or a laboratory dental technician Occlusion Connections can take you to the next level in awareness, learning and technical skills. You are free to take whatever direction your creative mind takes you and Occlusion Connections can help you get there so much more easily than ever before.

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